Athlete To Entrepreneur

$ 97

One Time Purchase
  • 7 Module Interactive Playbook
  • Video Tutorial Series
  • Actionable P-Sheet Assignments
  • Lifetime access to new editions
  • Private ATE Community Group
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P-CAMP PROComing Soon

$ 997

Lifetime Plan
  • 8 Module 40+ Video Training Camp
  • 1 year COC Membership FREE! ($4000 value)
  • Athlete to Entrepreneur Playbook FREE!
  • Private P-CAMP PRO Community Forum
  • Players Playbook Monthly
  • Players Circle Interviews
  • Best In Business Resources
  • Live Q+A Office Hours + Support ($5000 value)
  • Exclusive Promotional Discounts
  • Plus Much, Much More…
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Class of Champions

$ 35

Monthly Membership
  • Private COC Community Forum
  • Players Playbook Monthly
  • Players Circle Interviews
  • Best In Business Resources
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P-CAMP PRO and COC is a video training course + online community for motivated athletes who want to expand their possibilities and grow their opportunities...

Are these the only plans?

P-CAMP PRO is our industry leading, flagship training course + online community that includes step-by-step, easy to digest video training. These videos will help you transition from Athlete to Entrepreneur. P-Camp consists of 8 modules and the plans include: Product-Profit-Website-Branding -Communication -Listbuilding- Marketing and Social Media Metrics Plans.

For details on the P-Camp PRO Curriculum Click HERE.  

Are there any discounts?

P-Camp Pro and Class of Champions is comparable in price to a premium level training and equivalent to what an expert branding and marketing consultant would charge a client for one-on-one coaching. This is not a low-budget program for entrepreneurs looking to get the next “trick of the week” to drive temporary profits. P-Camp PRO and COC provides time-tested principles,  proven marketing strategies, and business building support that promotes long-term success. We want you to win for a lifetime and the price reflects the value that you’ll receive. We reward our paid members with “first mover advantage” discounts and exclusives on everything from tools to live event tickets. We also provide an annual discount on our Class of Champions Subscription. Purchase an annual subscription and save 25% which is equivalent to 3 months FREE!  

When will my account be activated?

As soon as you purchase any one of our products you’ll receive immediate access to the membership site, community sites or download areas. Depending on which product you have purchased, follow up instructions will be emailed to you or you may be prompted to set up a username and password to get access to the members area.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel the COC Membership anytime. We work extremely hard every month on the content and community to make your membership valuable to your business, but we understand if you need to leave at any time. No hard feelings.