If there was an Athlete To Entrepreneur Bible…This would be it. Below you’ll see a breakdown of literally everything you’ll learn in each of the eight P-Camp Pro Game Plans. We’ve picked the most potent plays to help you realize your greatest potential and use your unique competitive advantage to build a champion business! You can see the play by play outline of the entire training course by clicking each plan below.


PRODUCT PLAN: Producing Primetime Product Offerings

Every business needs a signature product. It will be what you are known for and the basis for which all your other product offerings will be measured. Your product plan will allow you to set your standard for excellence with a product that’s packaged for primetime success!

  • The six advantages to bottling your expertise and how to exponentially multiply your income
  • How to create unpredictable products that generate the predictable results your customers have been waiting a lifetime for
  • How to harness the power of your personality to build a product that’s true to your authentic self (not that boring cookie cutter stuff) and will make you a major league “star” in your field
  • The “pinball” effect to creating a product that makes money on autopilot even when you’re not working
  • Why towing the line of transparency enhances your customers results and expectations
  • Our S3 formula to presenting polished, professional products that WOWs your customers from the start!
  • The three rules to creating signature products that make prospects say “I gotta have it”
  • 21 Questions to answer before your customers ask
  • Why using a unique language to talk about your system makes it harder for others to “steal your shine”
  • How to create industry bending signature products that instantly points to YOU as the source.
  • Why giving your product a name that sells can instantly tripe your profits
  • How to sweeten up the pot with value packed bonuses that turn your products into a “I just can’t pass this up” best seller
  • The 3 pricing models to consider when settling on price and determining if you’re a Mazda or a Maserati
  • Where “intuition” fits into your overall product strategy, if you really need it to be successful


PROFIT PLAN: Setting Precision Profit Goals

Setting your business up for success right from the beginning means getting a crystal clear picture of your profit goals. Your profit plan is the litmus test you can use as a filter to determine if future product offerings, services, marketing campaigns or partnerships will increase your bottom line.

  • How to monetize your “big ideas” and fine tune your money map to skyrocket your income
  • How our “Triangle” System will immediately help you determine and create lucrative profit streams
  • Why multiple income streams is the fastest way to grow your revenues (really!)
  • How to position yourself from day one to command premium prices (even if you’re just starting out)
  • The simple shift that can triple your profits and why more is not always better
  • How using our visual money map will show you exactly how you’ll make the income you want and focus you like a laser beam on what needs to be done each and every week.
  • Identifying the high-leverage products that will build up your revenue, and which products are major time-sucks that will leave you wishing for something new to sell
  • How to make money without a product of your own and the specific type of business model that can boost your income when your ideas fizzle out
  • How to position your unique competitive advantage and command “big time” paydays that exceed your profit plan
  • The common “Profit Mistake” almost everyone makes that will leave you working harder and LESS likely to make a profit quickly
  • How to match your money map with your lifestyle plan and determine the best business model to fit your life goals 
  • The key questions that reveal exactly what your fans will pull out their pocket books for


BRANDING PLAN: Building A “Break Out” Brand and Bankable Persona

In this media driven society survival means creating a business style that cannot be matched. Every entrepreneur needs a set of guidelines and rules for creating an unified and identifiable brand presence. You can’t be at the top if you’re just the same as everyone else. It’s time to break out!

  • The five factors to creating a business style all your own that positions you as a recognizable resource that provides solutions from a unique point of view (Do this right and you will never have a problem attracting a loyal contingency of customers and clients again)
  • Why every brand needs a “brand bible” and what it means for defining a “stand out” space for your business  amongst a sea of “same-sies”
  • Why modeling the masters totally backfires and the surprising truth about why doing the opposite always wins
  • How to leverage the “Richard Sherman” effect and the key factor that will ensure you deliver on what you promise (saying you’re the best doesn’t always mean you are the best)
  • Why defining the “essence” of your brand will speak to the intangible emotions you want your customers to feel when they experience the brand
  • How to recover from a reputation crisis and the ONE factor the marketplace will reward you  for more than any other
  • The shift from “company” to “personality” and how it will change everything you do in your business. This will skyrocket your engagement and rewire the way prospects look at you forever.
  • The one branding tool every marketer needs to ensure their brand shows up as a Lamborghini and not a lemon in the marketplace
  • The surprising reason why “owning” your unique competitive advantage is incredibly effective for building your reputation
  • The ONE thing prospects must know about you before they make a buying decision (once you understand this and how to seamlessly weave it into your marketing your success will change forever)
  • The hidden factors that determine your level of influence and how you’ll be received in  (even if you are a total newbie)
  • Our 16 rules and guidelines for crafting a talked-about, attention-grabbing brand that resonates across all social media channels and sets you miles apart from the competition
  • Why being seen as a premium brand is not always better and how you can leverage your brand status to add thousands upon thousands of dollars to your bottom line
  • How creating a social friendly presence REALLY translates into marketing dollars
  • How to tactfully exploit the weaknesses of your competition while giving your customers the confidence they need to become a super fan


WEBSITE PLAN: WOW Your Customers With A Winning Website

Winning websites are meant to do one thing…SELL!! Make your website a long-term marketing asset that brings consistent traffic, leads and sales to your business, while introducing you as a thought leader and is the best way convey what your brand is REALLY all about.

  • How to take control of your website to predict EXACTLY how it will make money
  • Our42 Ways To Create A Winning Website Checklist for turning your website into a lean, mean selling machine driving traffic, leads and sales through the roof
  • The one action your visitors MUST take for you to make money online
  • The psychology behind the placement of opt-ins and the 6 highest converting spaces on your blog that can skyrocket your subscribers and sales
  • How 18 simple Dos and Don’ts can take you site from amateur to expert and immediately put you a cut above the competition
  • Our personal “Bait and Bag” formula for crafting smart (non-sleazy) opt-in offers that make it impossible for your prospects to ignore (bribes just don’t work but we’ll show you what does)
  • The absurdly easy way to optimize your website for high conversions without slapping visitors in the face with obvious opt-ins that distract them from the real value of your site
  • The simple method for filling in the money gaps with strategic placement of affiliate products and how to promote them in a  way that doesn’t leave your site looking like a .99¢ store
  • The dummy-proof tech changes and widgets your website needs to make money on autopilot
  • Our personal “Feedback Five” test for ensuring you exceed your customers expectations and meet their most pressing needs
  • The simple method for setting goals and guidelines that guarantee your content and website design is aligned with your overall profit plan
  • Why going wild with your website can leave your visitors dazed and confused. We’ll show you why more is not better and the only 5 pages you need to make money with your site
  • How to avoid becoming a website disaster and the website maintenance plan that will keep your site in tip-top shape
  • The ONE must have medium that will enhance your readers experience every single time
  • Clear cut guidelines on costs for hosting and design so you don’t overspend
  • The surprisingly simple pages every website needs to increase sales and profits
  • The top websites your site must be connected to and how to siphon free traffic from the hottest social hangouts on the web
  • Our personal PAT sheet for must-have plugins, website terms, design templates and automation tools to keep your site functioning at optimize performance


CONTENT PLAN: Connect and Cash In With Contagious Content

Because content is a contact sport, meant to connect, capture and convert, how you communicate and network can drastically skyrocket your sales. It’s how you instruct and inspire your fans. If there is purpose behind each piece of content you’ll become a marketing magnet.

  • Our personal system for ensuring we have fresh, quality content year round WITHOUT a big time commitment (who has time to sit on a computer all day creating content…not YOU!)
  • How to share value with as many people as possible without filling guilty about giving away your best stuff for free (Don’t worry…you’ll still be able to charge premium rates for your products, services and time)
  • The common “Rookie Mistake” almost everyone makes that will leave your audience LESS likely to buy
  • The secret appeal behind video and how to seamlessly incorporate it into your existing content strategy
  • The  four formats for communicating with your audience and the ONE format you MUST have to be perceived as a pro in your field
  • Our not-so-common-sense “CTP” formula for the best ratio of content to pitch and
  • Our complete Email Marketing Tool Kit with killer subject lines and
  • The most important question you need to answer before you put out a SINGLE piece of content (Master this skill and your fans will love you for life)
  • The social media hack  that will guarantee your social updates and blog posts get more opens, likes, shares, and comments and the process that determines what topics will increase sales the most
  • The creative tools for turning boring content into engagement magnets and the key distinctions that separate MEDIOCRE content and CHAMPION content
  • Our daily content schedule for delivering a steady stream of content so your fans never forget about you
  • Super simple shortcuts we use for leveraging ONE blog post over and over again to drive in a never ending flow of customer traffic to the Player Fortunes website
  • How often you REALLY need to create content for your website or send out a newsletter (let me give you a hint…it’s not everyday!)
  • Our astonishingly simple ” kickstart” content creation strategy to locking down 365 days of high quality content in one sitting
  • The 3 content automation tools that will keep you making MORE while working LESS
  • The anatomy of an awesome blog post and social media updates that are primed to go viral
  • Why you need to think like a “tabloid magazine” editor when creating high quality, high value content that leaves your audience wanting more


LISTBUILDING PLAN: Big, Big Listbuilding Strategies You Can Bank On

It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you that matters and if you want to maximize your income, building an email list is just the smart thing to do! Our big, big, listbuilding plan will focus your efforts on building a list of high-quality, high-impact leads.

  • Why your list is your #1 asset and the one list building activity you MUST do every day to make sure your list grows fast
  • The 10 best practices for emailing your email list andy why listbuilding is a lot like seducing your spouse
  • Understanding the listbuilding cycle and what you can’t be afraid to do if you want people to join your list!
  • Our list building action plan packed with our top 25 strategies for bringing in a tsunami of high quality subscribers
  • Our “listing from the stage” method for instantly multiplying your social media fan base and email list from live events
  • How to WOO and WOW industry leaders, celebrities, and high profile athletes who have no idea who you are then infiltrate their audience to grow your lists (even if you’re a total rookie)
  • The “expert” method to using other people’s content to build your list for FREE. (It also positions you as an influencer and sends a flood of ready-to-buy leads your way)
  • Our go-to tool for creating 5 minute lead capture pages that convert like crazy  
  • The 8 rules for crating compelling copy that turn words into money. Write head-turning headlines, curiosity piquing blog post titles, video titles, social media updates and calls to action
  • Our personal done-for-you email templates for locking down interviews with prime-time players in your industry
  • Why all lists are not created equal and where to find the highest quality leads for your business
  • The BIGGEST mistake most business owners make when it comes to building their network of prospects and how to avoid this major goof-up
  • Our “pitch a post” guest blogging template that is guaranteed to get your posts accepted
  • The 3 most important listbuilding tools and resources for building your email list across multiple social media channels
  • Little known list building secrets the pros won’t tell you about how to grow your list (and profits) fast


MARKETING PLAN: Step-by-step Methodology To MVP Marketer

Message, medium and marketing. The trifecta to making money in your business. You must learn how to market and promote the hell out of your products and services. So if you were scared to promote your product offerings this marketing plan will whip you into shape.

  • Step-by-step tactics for turning fans in marketing machines. Follow these simple and you’ll have an army of super fans sharing and promoting your business like they own it
  • Our ZERO Budget Marketing mindmap for lightweight business owners with heavyweight marketing goals
  • What social media REALLY means to your bottom line and why buying fans on Facebook is not only a waste of time but bad for business
  • Specific types of marketing messages fans LOVE – and what sends them running away
  • Why every SINGLE piece of marketing MUST include at least one C.T.A.
  • The secret to social media grouping and why creating your own community spaces will drive genuine engagement and a space your prospects will love to hang out in
  • The 3 BIGGEST thrive factors most business owners miss when trying to market their products and services
  • Our actual go-to email for locking down primetime interviews with celebrities, industry thought leaders and influencers
  • How to speak up and cash in by leveraging stage opportunities to boost your credibility and influence
  • Why marketing is more about finding your “voice” than selling a service or pushing your products to prospects through a revolving door of pitches
  • Our “Sell ’em with Seminars” checklist to marketing and making money with live events and workshops
  • How to connect with BIG name entrepreneurs that will support and promote you
  • How to stand out and craft your own irresistible marketing message
  • Our copywriting 1.0 guide for writing  head-turning headlines, blog post titles, video titles and social media updates
  • How to systematically translate your unique competitive advantage into all of your marketing materials
  • The simple tool for creating high converting capture pages that can quadruple your conversion within days
  • Our “sell anything” sales letter templates that detail EXACTLY how to connect your message to the market
  • Daily marketing action plan that will draw hundreds of fans and help you build a community of loyal customers and followers that look to you as the authority in your field


METRICS PLAN: Beginners Guide To Social Media Metrics & Analytics

Click-through rates, ROI, Likes, Comments, Sales, Revenue. Chillax! There are only 5 metrics that matter and we’ll show you the true bottom line metrics for growing your business. The trick is to narrow in and get data for what really counts for your business.

  • Why every business big or small MUST use google goals and the three mistakes you should avoid
  • How to double down on social media data that works and find out which social network is translating to sales for your business
  • Why smart marketers NEVER make big decisions about their business without the help of data (you should always know exactly why you need to do things differently)
  • Which  metrics matter the most to you and your business, and which ones to ignore
  • How to automatically monitor your online reputation and social celebrity quotient
  • Think spreadsheets suck? Looking at insights makes your head spin?  Get our PAT list of analytics tools made just for us visual learners
  • Don’t know if your emails are turning people off? How to set up email analytics without going insane



Live a Life of Significance

What you do, give and accomplish defines your legacy. Discover ways to use your time, talent & money to make lasting impressions on those you love & the causes you believe in. 


Tools To Transition

Are you right for entrepreneurship? Identify the ideas and skills you need to make your business more profitable, impactful and true to your vision and passion.


Pinpoint Your Power

The way you stand out in the world can change your business from the inside out. Harness the power of your personality and let it push your brand above the crowd. 


Plan Your Progress

In business as in sports, no clear system to execute your goals leads to failure. We’re handing you our playbook for productivity to help you get it all done.


After P-Camp PRO we offer Class of Champions – a members only “training camp” that provides advanced action steps and implementation strategies that will take you beyond the eight core concepts taught in P-Camp PRO.

As a Class of Champions member you’ll be delivered a Players Playbook every second Monday of the month filled with actionable assignments designed to keep you pushing toward your business goals. Topics range from Video Marketing to DIY Website Creation, Public Speaking to Outsourcing. You’ll also get access to our private COC Clubhouse, weekly Players Circle Interviews and Best in Business Resources.

Make sure to choose the P-Camp PRO + Class of Champions option on our enrollment page if you’d like to become an exclusive member of the Class of Champions.



COC Community

You’ll have the opportunity to comment, get feedback, share victories and rub elbows with fellow players. In our private, player only group, you’ll never be without a support team.


Major League Mentors

In addition to your core training, you’ll also get exclusive access to our growing & dynamic library of Players Circle interviews from high profile athletes turned successful entrepreneurs.


Accelerate Your Success

Each month you’ll receive advanced trainings on everything from social media, PR, video marketing, public speaking, crisis management, and even technical tutorials for the brave DIY-ers.


Loaded With Goodies

Discover our favorite go-to tools, apps, systems and resources for automating your business and making building an empire easier!