Let’s get real – you’re not here because you’ve found the holy grail to playing sports forever.

(Ummm, Well maybe you are…care to share!)

The reality for most athletes is that retirement is lurking around every corner and for some it’s already reared it’s ugly head and sacked the hell out of our life long dream to turn our passion for sports into pro profits.

So the question is WHAT’S NEXT?

Once upon a time you were an athlete, living out your childhood dream and doing something that you really loooooved!

As a child you admired the greats, emulated their skills and vowed to become a champion. You lived up to your potential, made a name for yourself, beat the best! But you had the same Big Problem – your sports career came with an expiration date! You quickly learned that practicing your craft, winning medals, stacking trophies, and becoming sports royalty wasn’t enough.

Reality hit and despite stellar performances on the field, you were worried you’d be ill-prepared for life and career, that you lacked real work experience, since you’ve spent every waking moment honing and perfecting your skills and abilities for your sport. But, if you wanted to succeed you had to put yourself out there, network and use whatever skills you had to market yourself to companies.

Day in and day out you thought about the next step. You scrambled to find employment. You played with business ideas. You probed your networks. You racked your brain and your heart hoping you’d figure out how to not only take care of yourself and your family financially, but to do it with the same purpose and passion you had as an athlete.

But as more and more time passed it was always the same – you were no closer to replacing the fire that once fueled within.  And the worst part was, no matter how long you had been away from the game you constantly felt like you were meant to do and be more. No job was ever the right job, and ideas of building something on your own didn’t always pan out. You were in a constant state of transition. It was, in a word, depressing!

Then one day you had an Idea – a BIG Idea!

What if you could turn this thing inside out? What if instead of forcing your skills into a job that didn’t fit, you created a business that fit your skills? What would that look like? What would need to happen?

You realized you would have to become a different type of player…

An Entrepreneur. A Business-Pro to be exact! You would have to champion a new game, quarterback a new team and become a superstar in a new arena. Attracting loyal fans and followers that rally around your vision.  The kind of pro that leads his team, followers, and customers to victory.

So you, the athlete, became an entrepreneur. Because you see, fortune in life isn’t something that happens. It’s something you create.

One day you wake up and you’re amazed by your transformation. You have a show-stopping brand. A champion business. You’re scoring new, exciting opportunities. And best of all, you’ve reignited the fire and passion you thought you lost. You represent authority, mastery, and excellence. You are a superstar in your industry. Clients come to you ready to buy, confident in your skills and ability to deliver what they seek. You are in a league of your own and living an EPIC life.

This isn’t fools gold. You are winning in business and you are only limited by your ability to execute your dreams. It’s a reality that you can live so long as you know and understand the steps to get there.

And This Is Why We Created P-Camp PRO!

… Because not only does building a wildly successful brand and business make a whole lotta sense when creating your own fortune in life… we also want you to experience freedom, fame and fun too. Realizing your true potential puts the power over your life back in your hands.

(Exactly where it should be.)

Are you ready to breathe life into your dreams? To transform your way of thinking, gameplan your future success and leverage the skills you already have (yes, the skills you already have)?

There is nothing that compares to becoming a champion, having your hand raised in that moment of glory, with thousands, millions of people cheering you on. We are here to make you a champion in business!


Find Fortune In Focus

Fortune falls flat without focus. You can’t build your perfect business if you have no clue what your perfect day looks like. Identifying the things that are most important to you will help you develop a no-regrets business plan that allows you to focus your time in the right places.

Be An Action Hero!

There’s not a villain, bomb, or kryptonite encrusted grenade that can take you off your game. Kick-ass content, social media supremacy, product domination and falling 60 stories while firing twin pistols in mid-air is just a warm-up! Every action you take needs to move you one step closer to achieving your goal.

Match Cause To Cash

Your net-worth should not be defined by your bank roll but by the currency of your cause. True value comes from making an impact, empowering others to live bigger, better lives. Being an entrepreneur is a privilege, an honor and a way to empower those who may not have the means to do so on their own.

Be Your #1 Draft Pick

Pick yourself. Put yourself in the game. Nominate yourself. Ask for the opportunity. Rise up to the challenge. Put people on notice with your confidence and swag . We live by the notion , “If it’s meant to be, then it’s up to me!!” If you are of the same notion, then you are probably on the right track…



You enroll when you are 100% ready to commit to becoming a champion in business. P-Camp PRO is open all year long and set up for the entrepreneur on the go. Once you kick-off your sessions, you’ll be able to access all the plans anytime and at your own pace.

If you are a P-Camp PRO  member you are automatically granted 1 year subscription to Class of Champions for FREE. As a COC Member you’ll receive access to the private COC Clubhouse, links to the exclusive members-only video training and bonuses. The 8 Topics covered are:

Primetime Product Plan

Every business needs a signature product. It will be what you are known for and the basis for which all your other product offerings will be measured. Your product plan will allow you to set your standard for excellence with a product that’s packaged for primetime success!

Precision Profit Plan

Setting your business up for success right from the beginning means getting a crystal clear picture of your profit goals. Your profit plan is the litmus test you can use as a filter to determine if future product offerings, services, marketing campaigns or partnerships will increase your bottom line.

“Break Out” Branding Plan

In this media driven society survival means creating a business style that cannot be matched. Every entrepreneur needs a set of guidelines and rules for creating a unified and identifiable brand presence. You can’t be at the top if you’re just the same as everyone else. It’s time to break out! 

Winning Website Plan

Winning websites are meant to do one thing…SELL!! Make your website a long-term marketing asset that brings consistent traffic, leads and sales to your business, while introducing you as a thought leader. It is the best way to convey what your brand is REALLY all about.

Contagious Content Plan

Because content is a contact sport, meant to connect, capture and convert, how you communicate and network can drastically skyrocket your sales. It’s how you instruct and inspire your fans. If there is purpose behind each piece of content you’ll become a marketing magnet. 

Big, Big, Listbuilding Plan

It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you that matters and if you want to maximize your income, building an email list is just the smart thing to do! Our big, big, listbuilding plan will focus your efforts on building a list of high-quality, high-impact leads.

MVP Marketing Plan

Message, medium and marketing. The trifecta to making money in your business. You must learn how to market and promote the hell out of your products and services. So if you were scared to promote your product offerings this marketing plan will whip you into shape.

Social Media Metrics Plan

Click-through rates, ROI, Likes, Comments, Sales, Revenue. Chillax! There are only 5 metrics that matter and we’ll show you the true bottom line metrics for growing your business. The trick is to narrow in and get data for what really counts for your business.



Get the plays you need to win big in business. Each plan is broken down into Plays (HD video tutorials), P-sheets (printable playbook) and Bonus PATs (resources) to get you into action quickly. You’ll be able to come back to the huddle whenever you want. Each plan will be yours to keep so you can watch them again and again! If you’re wondering about the details of each plan, view our curriculum page.

You’ll also be added to the P-Camp Class of Champions Clubhouse where you can network, initiate discussions and rub elbows with fellow P-Camp-ers. Consider this community your team, a support system. This is the place to exchange ideas, learn from others’ experiences, give and get constructive feedback, and where you can check-in to report your progress.



As a Class of Champions Member, you’ll be able to come back to the huddle to get additional plays and action steps. You’ll continue to get a monthly Players Playbook focusing on a specific area entrepreneurship. Topics will range from Networking, Lifestyle Marketing, Guest Blogging, Advanced Social Media Marketing, Public Speaking, Getting Interviewed, Video Marketing, Outsourcing and more).

As long as you are an active Class of Champions member you’ll receive task lists, playbooks, advanced P-sheets and access to private online workshops. You will also get exclusive access to discounts, red carpet access to live events and more goodies reserved only for COC Members.

While we encourage you to put what you learn into action immediately, P-Camp PRO was designed to give you flexibility. You can go at your own pace. Watch the video, download the transcript, or listen to the audio. Everyone learns differently and we want you to work in a way that is comfortable to you.



Locker room of 40+ HD video tutorials, 8 modules in all, with lifetime access, allowing you to view them at your convenience.

Access to the private COC community where you’ll mix-it-up with other P-Camp PRO participants. There you’ll share your ideas, swap success stories and victories, give and get feedback, and most importantly have a safe haven where you can get support from other experienced athletes turned entrepreneurs!

For those who want to skyrocket to superstardom and get hands-on mentorship and training, P-Camp PRO + Class of Champions Membership is for you. Once a month you’ll receive a PDF Playbook on a different topic designed to take you from rookie to bona fide business champion in no time flat. The topics covered are Networking, Lifestyle Marketing, Guest Blogging, Advanced Facebook Marketing, Public Speaking, Getting Interviewed, Video Marketing, Outsourcing and more).

In addition to the course tutorials, we’ll be sending you task lists and resources to help keep you focused on the action steps required to quickly impact how your business and brand grows.

As a P-Camp PRO Hall of Famer, you’ll have lifetime access to P-Camp including future updated editions. You can go through the program as many times as you’d like, watch the videos on your own schedule and work through the actionable P-Sheets at a pace that fits your schedule. If you need a refresher, simply login, replay the video on a specific topic.

We encourage you to stay active in the community, get to know the other members and run for the gold. Becoming a PRO doesn’t happen over night so we want you to surround yourself with a support system and team that can lift you up as you embark on a journey to creating a business and lifestyle filled with fortune, freedom and fun!

*If you are not a P-Camp PRO member, you can choose to get the Class of Champions Membership at any time.


P-Camp PRO is for the athlete who wants to become a champion entrepreneur.


The people who enroll in this program have a desire to build success beyond the field, to take their ideas and turn them into income producing businesses. P-Camp-ers sell products, services, and coaching programs they believe in.

They are consultants, coaches, real estate agents, artists, creators, designers, developers serving every field. They are rookies and vets in business. Active and former athletes that represent every sport under the sun.

And while sports is the common thread that binds them all, the one thing P-Camp-ers realized is that you can’t wait around for someone to call your number – you have to get out there, quarterback your own future and create the fortune you deserve!

To get a closer look at how P-Camp PRO can help you win the game of business, check out our free P-Camp PRO Playbook to the ins and outs of what P-Camp PRO has to offer – get it here!

Download the P-Camp PRO Playbook

Unsure if P-Camp PRO is right for you?

The P-Camp PRO curriculum is not for amateurs. It is a commitment for those who want to create world class businesses. Only enroll if you are ready to be coached, dedicated to taking action on what you learn and eager to be challenged by world class mentors and proven champions in business.  If P-Camp PRO is not a challenge you are ready to take on, consider a PF Nation favorite,  Athlete To Entrepreneur Playbook.

If you’d like to hash out some of your concerns about how your ideas, business and Creating Fame will fit together, send us an email to get those doubts put to rest once and for all.